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All Aluminum Furniture Custom Made

All Aluminum Furniture Custom Made


From the material point of view, all aluminum furniture materialFull aluminium household products strong practicability, good performance, adornment effect is good, this is a lot of traditional household almost impossible to achieve, such as full aluminium in our kitchen cabinet, according to the daily use, we need to have a more convenient and more practical, stable quality and safe cabinet, can let us rest assured use, whenever we cook the food, can quickly clean, and can be directly flush, moisture-proof, waterproof, anticorrosion, easy to clean function, almost the whole aluminum household can be specific these traits or characteristics, but also in ambry is placed in a variety of electrical appliances and other advantages, if is a traditional household products, generally do not specific these functions, therefore, it is also an advantage for the future development of whole aluminum household.

Advantages of aluminum furniture

1: material environmental protection: aluminum alloy section structure, absolute zero formaldehyde, is the material that can be reclaimed and reused.

2: waterproof: all aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy profiles. It is not afraid of water. It can be washed and cleaned with water and never decomposed.

3: fire: all aluminum furniture has a strong heat resistance, resistant to 200 ℃ tests showed that the temperature difference is not damaged. Even if the whole set is lit and placed on it, after prolonged burning, it will not damage the surface, and overcome the disadvantages of the ordinary plate.

4: insect proof ant: all aluminum furniture is hard, not afraid of any insect rat, even termites are helpless.

5: impact resistance: the whole aluminum family has a strong impact resistance, and the experiment proves that the steel ball can withstand 227g of steel ball falling from 3m without damage, and the bending strength is 150Mpa. Under normal conditions, it can be used for 50 years.

6: no peculiar smell: all aluminum furniture is made of aluminum alloy profiles and plastic steel fittings in clean environment. The products have no peculiar smell.

7: no deformation: all aluminum furniture is made of high strength aluminum alloy profiles, without moisture absorption and the temperature expansion coefficient is very small, so there will be no deformation.

8: easy to clean: all aluminum furniture can be cleaned with detergent and water, easy to clean.

9: sealing edge is firm: the aluminum profile structure of aluminum furniture does not show the problem of glue or hot compound sealing.

10: good durability: all aluminum furniture after surface treatment by deep oxidation, spraying, etc to outdoor curtain wall quality requirements, the surface hardness of Webster's 10 degrees above, ensure durability for dozens of years.

11: Material recovery

12: Quick installation

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